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My name is Chris and I am the person behind the Stellar validator you might have seen on’s Dashboard.

While there are notable validators like IBM on the Stellar network, the network depends on the generosity of its community to build a robust network of validators. In fact, decentralization is a secondary strategic objective on Stellar’s roadmap.

A healthy decentralized network should reflect the diversity of the community Validator

My validator is my very small contribution to the Stellar network. I believe that a healthy decentralized network should reflect the diversity of the community, which includes individuals like myself who are not associated with a for-profit company.

Add smoove node to your stellar-core config:



# Recent history catch-up, do not use if you require full archive
get="curl -sf{0} -o {1}"

This is a full validator (see stellar-history.json and uptime) on the DigitalOcean network located in Toronto, Canada.

Why are you running this validator?

Good question. I used to own and manage a web hosting company for about 10 years — way before the era of cloud computing. As a sole proprietor of the web hosting company, I wore many hats including Linux System Administrator. After closing shop, I moved on to work in Global IT Infrastructure operations for a large aerospace and defense company in Seattle. I no longer worked with Linux and needed something to fill the void. Luckily, I came across stellar-core, which is advertised as being light as a DNS server, so I gave it a shot. I plan on running this service indefinitely. 🤓

How much does it cost you to run a Stellar validator?

As much as a Starbucks latte every month. I am currently running a node from Toronto, Canada on the DigitalOcean network.

Standard Droplet – 1GB memory, 1 vCPU, 25 GB SSD$5/month
Block Storage – 20 GB (rate of $1/10 GB)$2/month

I do not intend on running a full archive, which requires massive and perpetually growing storage. This current setup allows anyone to be a full validator, which is a node that validates transactions and helps other nodes catch up to the network.

DigitalOcean has other data centers in San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, and Bangalore. Help Stellar decentralize the network by setting up a Stellar validator in one of these regions. You can use my DigitalOcean referral code for a $50 credit towards running your own Stellar validator.

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